Our Story

Every dog that enters our lives brings boundless joy and endless tail wags. They selflessly offer their love, support, and a wagging tail that can light up even the darkest days.

We built this brand, Le Gourmet to repay their unconditional love by providing them with meals that not only sustain their bodies but also touch their souls.

Since our inception, we have been devoted to producing Uncompromising Pet Nutrition for pets so they can have more meaningful memories together. Our commitments to produce the highest quality products ensured that we maintain strict packing regulations to serve our customers with fresh and natural products. We are driven to continuously improve our product formulations, offering unique feeding experiences for furkids of all life stages.


The No.1 Pet Care Specialist

We aspire to produce the best nutritional diet for all pets and it is our mission to provide uncompromising pet nutrition so you can have more meaningful memories with your pets.


Pets, People and Partnership

As a pet-loving company, doing good starts with the people. We believe in providing the best quality products for your pets and responsive customer support to ensure your concerns are taken seriously and followed through. Our strong-willed team embraces a nurturing culture, fostering creative initiatives that lead to new ideas and trends to introduce new and improved feeding experiences.

Our Commitments

Finely Crafted Product with a Conscience

We produce high-quality products that meet stringent standards such as ISO 9001:200, GMP, HACCP and SUCI BERSIH to ensure our products meet global food safety standards.

Our Presence

Together with our committed partners who bridges opportunities together, we are here:

– Brunei

– Singapore

– Indonesia

– Thailand

– Taiwan

– China

– Philippines

…and still expanding

We are looking for like-minded partners to continue bridging lives with us to different parts of the world.

Bridging Opportunities

We are looking for like-minded partners to continue bridging lives with us to different parts of the world.

Do you have…

  • The passion to grow your distribution business, (just like we do)?
  • The passion to improve the wellbeing of pets and the owners (like we do)?
  • The perseverance to go the extra mile (cross the stormy seas and rocky mountains, like we do)?

Interested to be our partner?

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